Meet Our Broker Al!

John “Al” Russell has been licensed as a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate since 1982 and as a Florida Real Estate Broker since 1999. Born and raised in North Florida, he attended Marion Military and Troy University. He has been married to his wife Mary Anne for over 40 years and has two children. He loves the outdoors and has a passion for land and commercial property he knows the importance of good management and the responsibility of ownership.

He has brokered multi-million dollar commercial properties to well over 100,000 acres of land, Al has worked with property owners from Key West to Pensacola covering the entire state of Florida. His experience included coordinating all aspects of complex real estate transactions, including commercial land sales, commercial buildings sales, redevelopment properties, commercial development, 1031 transactions and property consulting. He also currently sits on and has sat on several boards. Al, has also been successful with working with private, corporate and government sales. He feels as a broker, you need to be knowledgeable in working with various types of agreements, appraisals, surveys, title insurance, environmental reviews, legal and management issues, in order to successfully acquire or sell properties.

Al left DEP as a property acquisition agent in 1999 after 10 years with the agency and entered the private sector. He began representing property owners helping broker and market their properties. He has also helped acquire property by being creative in fitting his client’s needs. His first-hand experience helped him grow in the ever changing commercial market. These transactions have involved a variety of different types of buyers and sellers, as both public and private acquisitions and sales, including individuals, corporations and the State of Florida. He has also done real estate consulting for developers, government entities as well as law firms throughout Florida. Email Al directly at:

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